Workshop 5: February 24-25, 2020

Workshop 5 Overview:

The February 24-25 Workshop included focused discussions regarding research and instructional space, student success and health & wellness resources, Student Union/Bookstores, and historic preservation surrounding the inventory of mid-century campus buildings.

The Steering Committee reviewed draft proposals for refinement of the campus physical framework, including gateways, connections, and open space. Other topics included enrollment scenarios, student success, instructional and research space, sustainability, and parameters for development of the Draft Campus Master Plan.

The Instructional and Student Success Space meeting considered potential enrollment scenarios on existing space, connections between sustainability and student success, preferred classroom types and development of collaborative learning spaces. The group reviewed the many student success resources offered campus wide as well as issues related to the broad physical distribution of these resources across campus.

The Research meeting included questions related to how UArizona showcases and communicates its research mission today, sustainability as it relates to the research mission, and the potential of interdisciplinary buildings and research hubs. Also discussed were implications of increased research funding on the physical campus, including future infrastructure needs.

The meeting with Health & Wellness/Student Unions/Bookstore involved discussion of the importance of health & wellness to today’s students, faculty and staff, and a need for awareness of and access to resources. Student Unions are focusing on food security, campus-wide access and healthy food options, and the Bookstores are promoting tech awareness and education, serving the needs of all areas of campus, and their financial support to clubs and resources to improve student success. Campus collaborations and potential consolidations where appropriate could influence master plan recommendations.

The Historic Preservation meeting involved review and discussion of campus mid-century buildings which are nearing or have passed 50 years of age, and identification of basic considerations needed to guide the maintenance, rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of these buildings.


Instructional Space & Student Success, February 24, 2020

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Research Meeting, February 24, 2020

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Steering Committee Meeting, February 24, 2020

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Health & Wellness, Student Union & Bookstores, February 25, 2020

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Historic Preservation, February 25, 2020

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