Sierra Vista Campus

The College of Applied Science & Technology (CAST) is headquartered at the University of Arizona's Sierra Vista Campus, an incredibly unique geographic setting in southern Arizona. Its innovative academic offerings are focused on supporting national and global needs tailored around skillsets essential to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

CAST specializes in innovative programs that prepare students for the most in-demand 21st-century jobs. CAST degrees equip transfer students with bachelor’s degrees, leading to exciting new careers with tremendous employment potential. CAST is one of the fastest-growing colleges at the University of Arizona, providing future-focused, career-ready degrees in technology and social sciences that prepare students for 21st Century jobs.

The campus and University are an embedded resource for the local Sierra Vista community and Fort Huachuca, and to accommodate the growth of these innovative and fast-growing programs, The University of Arizona has partnered with the consultant team of Ayers Saint Gross to develop a Sierra Vista Campus Master Plan to guide physical development of the campus.


The Sierra Vista campus is compact and comprised of several single level buildings with accommodating site and landscape resources. Although the existing facilities have proven to be adaptable, there is recognition that they need to be re-envisioned and modernized to better support CAST’s long term academic and research needs. These facilities will be reassessed, and future facilities planned for long-term alignment that results in reinvigoration of the campus.

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Campus Access and Arrival

Reconsider the campus arrival sequence including external brand visibility

Illustrate the potential alignment and impacts to campus access and development related to easement, land ownership, hydrology (the wash), and mobility (the trail)

Academic & Research Planning

Consider the potential realignment or functional re-assignment of buildings

Develop on-campus hubs which visually showcase special programs and activities while simultaneously connecting students and faculty with innovative resources

Campus Development and Density

Create campus development and capacity scenarios and depict long-term growth strategies

Review options for future building usage and functions

Identify a location and size of a future research building and include primary program and connectivity requirements

Consider redevelopment options for the Foundation building

Site and Landscape

Provide phasing or alternate development scenarios to ensure flexibility as needs change and evolve

Develop a revitalized open space network to support access and engagement, increase interior space usage, and create focus points and functional areas for daily and special events

Review near and long-term parking capacity and access

Develop master planning studies for the Arizona Folklore Center site


Grow partnerships with DoD Community Colleges and Education, Federal and regional LE agencies, Fort Huachuca and community of Sierra Vista