The University of Arizona 2020 Campus Master Plan

Welcome to the University of Arizona Master Plan website! All of the University of Arizona community is invited to participate in the exploration of how we will continue to develop our campus.

The Master Plan's completion will respect our campus past by adapting the best of our historic buildings and identifying opportunities for new space that houses the future leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We invite you to look in the Events area of our website to see the focus groups that have been identified to support the Master Plan's development. This page also will list opportunities for the campus community to learn about the plan's progress and provide feedback.


The University of Arizona Master Plan will be used to guide the optimal growth and development of the physical and functional campus in support of the University’s Strategic Plan priorities – anticipating future trends and priorities while also providing the flexibility to adapt to continuous change.

Development of the Master Plan is led by the University of Arizona’s Planning, Design & Construction team, working closely with Ayers Saint Gross, a consulting firm that has successfully developed master plans for dozens of universities across the country. Ayers Saint Gross’s previous work on the University of Arizona’s Tucson and Phoenix campuses has provided a broad understanding of our physical, cultural and historical challenges.

The University’s Planning, Design & Construction staff already has conducted a number of studies to provide a fast and efficient start to the planning process, including reviews of Campus Gateways, Transportation, Garages, Utilities, Housing, Campus Edges, Sustainability, Athletics Facilities, and Public-Private Partnerships. The University’s infrastructure management, space planning and GIS systems will be used to analyze and present applicable portions of the Master Plan, which will put the University in full control of Master Plan updates and improvements as needs and conditions change in the future to independently manage Master Plan updates in the future.