Focus Areas

Preliminary Planning Objectives

Master Plan Overview

The University of Arizona Master Plan should optimize the growth and development of the physical/functional campus in response to the University’s Strategic Plan priorities – anticipating future trends and priorities while providing the flexibility to adapt to continuous change. The overall objective is to develop specific, action-oriented, cross-cutting physical planning initiatives that directly support the University’s highest-priority Strategic Plan goals and initiatives.


Develop a true urban environment to effectively accommodate higher densities of academic, research and community outreach facilities in appropriate areas of the campus.

Campus Gateways

Reinvent campus gateways and approaches to maximize UA branding, wayfinding, community engagement and density benefits.

Campus Edges

Develop collaborative growth concepts and development processes with the City and surrounding neighborhoods, to facilitate appropriate growth strategies at the campus edges.

Interdisciplinary Zones

Develop academic, research and partnership collaboration clusters, both on and off campus, to facilitate interdisciplinary Strategic Plan initiatives.


Maximize the positive impacts of strategic, corporate and public-private partnerships potentially located on and off campus.


Develop a comprehensive campus sustainability plan, with intermediate milestones, to produce measurable improvements such as net-zero carbon production by 2040.


Develop a comprehensive utility/transportation infrastructure plan to efficiently lower maintenance/utility costs, improve reliability, and support campus growth.

Academic & Research Planning

Facilitate innovative, high-quality classrooms, labs and work spaces to optimize student learning and collaborative research, in accordance with the Strategic Plan.

Composite Plan

Assemble all of the potential solutions to the challenges addressed through the planning objectives above into a comprehensive, adaptable, graphic Campus Master Plan to encourage new synergies and guide future campus growth and development.


Strategic Needs and Planning Challenges

Need to increase campus population and space capacity to support growth while Addressing fixed campus planning boundaries and limited traffic/parking capacities

Need to increase campus density to accommodate enrollment and research growth while Maintaining and improving campus quality, culture, wayfinding and open areas

Need to integrate and engage students with near-campus or on-campus housing while Mitigating impacts of traffic, parking, urban density and student conduct/safety

Need to encourage success and growth of interdisciplinary program opportunities while Working within or expanding campus infrastructure and planning boundaries

Need to plan for interdisciplinary zones for high-priority academic & research programs while Providing flexibility to adapt to new ideas and opportunities as they emerge

Need for improved community engagement & outreach while Accommodating neighborhood needs for buffers/separation at campus edges

Need to bring private/corporate partners onto or near campus while Keeping core Main Campus areas available for critical UA facilities growth

Need to improve campus gateways and approaches, and their visibility and branding while Addressing campus space needs and planning boundary concerns

Need to plan and improve long-term campus sustainability and resiliency while Controlling short-term capital infrastructure costs and needs


Strategic/Philosophical Questions

What is the University’s potential/anticipated enrollment growth?

What is anticipated on- and off-campus research growth? What types of research space?

What are appropriate programs/facilities for on-campus vs. off-campus growth?

What private/corporate partners should be considered for an on-campus presence?

What approaches might be appropriate regarding the University planning boundaries?

What future buildings should be interdisciplinary vs. single-purpose?

What types of housing should be located on-campus vs. off-campus in privatized housing?

What specific new strategic initiatives or priorities should we plan for?